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"Successful people don't fear failure but understand that it's necessary to learn and grow from" - Robert kiyosaki
Everyone aspires for a successful life. The bug for having success never dies until we achieve one;It is the driving force. The journey of success could be simple and easy or difficult and tough. Fearing the journey one should never stop walking through it. Nothing matters anymore when you reach your destination. The immense happiness of your success makes everything that you have gone through to fade away. The journey teaches you a lot many things. LIFE LESSONS. You discover, adapt and evolve as new person: a confident, responsible person.
The journey can break you or make you. You should decide which one to choose. When you set a goal, stick to it no matter what and channel all your energy towards your goal:you get tired, exhausted and feel like quitting but never give up instead get up, stand strong on your feet and continue the journey. Remember not ev…
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How to prepare for exams to score well

Before starting with the topic i want to say that exams are no way gonna test your knowledge and intelligence. It is about how you present your paper in the given time limit. You don't actually have to top to get a degree certificate or to get anything..but i will always suggest to aim high so atleast you will end up with satisfying results. These days students hold too many degrees but very little commonsense. So, i would like to take this oppurtunity to say that live life by following your passion and enjoy every second of it.
Okay, getting to the point, depending on the syllabus and the toughness of the exam planning should be made. For any entrance or any competitive exam ,i believe one year of preparation is must and necessary to achieve good result. Briefly, here is how the planning should be made Syllabus Resources Preparation  Revision Important questions Previous year papers Mock tests Relaxation
KNOWING THE SYLLABUS Students often tend to make a mistake here. Take any s…


Welcome to Unparalleled opinions
I'm a college going girl doing my undergraduation in humanities.Ok now you know me right?no? That's fine,you will get to know me better when we start this journey of sharing opinions with each other. Are you excited? I can hear you saying Yes! Let's begin.

For years , I wanted to do this to share every possible thing that needs attention. I feel there are such things in the society that need to be heard, discussed rather leaving unnoticed. But i didn't actually make any efforts to do so. I had lots of ideas and dreams, but they never made it out of my head and on to the page. Because i was waiting for the PERFECT TIME. I realised lately that THERE'S NEVER PERFECT TIME , STOP WAITING FOR IT.
The word perfect is just non existent in this real life. We are all humans . We tend to make mistakes and learn from them to grow as a better person. It is a process. A process which you eventually grow or learn through the path of experiences. …